Prepare to pass the CENP & NEA-BC exams!


    This 2020 CENP and NEA-BC Review E-Course provides a comprehensive and up-to-date review of nursing executive practice leadership based on the CENP and NEA-BC exams. This course is packed with information that will not only promote certification exam success, but will also enhance your practice as a nurse executive and leader.


    Nurse Builders is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Nurse Builders is a CA CE Provider #15118. Nurse Builders is a CE Provider # 50-9679 for: AR, DC, FL, GA, KY, ND, NM, SC, WV.


    Dr. Lori Armstrong, DNP, RN, NEA-BC has served for over twenty years in a variety of nursing leadership roles including chief nursing executive and other middle-management roles in several of the nation's leading academic medical centers. She has led a major quality and patient safety organizational initiative leading to significant improvements in patient outcomes. Additionally, Lori has led her organization to extraordinary levels of high patient satisfaction and low levels of nursing turnover. She has served on multiple national boards and advisory councils focused on eliminating maternal and pediatric harm. Additionally, Lori has provided nearly 10 years of service to the National Association of Neonatal Nurses. Lori is an expert in the CNML & NE-BC exams and review process.

Course curriculum

    1. Certification Review E-Course Learning Outcome, Completion Criteria, Expiration Date, Disclosures, and Accreditation

    2. Course Content Outline

    3. Speaker Bio and Course Objecctives

    4. References

    1. Exam Changes: CENP & NEA-BC Certification

    2. Handout - Session 1

    3. Exam and Test Taking Overview

    4. Test Taking Techniques

    5. Practice Questions: Test Taking Techniques

    6. Management/Leadership Overview

    1. Handout - Session 2

    2. Session 2: Structures and Processes

    3. Reflection: Structures and Processes

    4. Practice Questions

    1. Handout - Session 3

    2. Session 3: Professional Practice

    3. Reflection: Professional Practice

    4. Practice Questions

    1. Handout - Session 4

    2. Session 4: Leadership

    3. Reflection: Leadership

    4. Practice Questions

    1. Handout - Session 5

    2. Session 5: Knowledge Management

    3. Reflection: Knowledge Management

    4. Practice Questions

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