Prepare to pass the CNRN Exam!


    This 2021 CNRN Review E-Course provides a comprehensive and up to date review of neuroscience nursing based on the CNRN exam content outline. Participants receive information that will not only promote certification exam success but will also enhance clinical nursing practice.


    Nurse Builders is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Nurse Builders is a CA CE Provider #15118. Nurse Builders is a CE Provider # 50-9679 for: AR, DC, FL, GA, KY, ND, NM, SC, WV.


    Filissa Caserta MSN, ACNP-BC, CNRN is dedicated to preparing neuroscience nurses to take the CNRN Exam. She is a board-certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse (CNRN) who has been specializing in the field of neurosciences for over 30 years. She has lectured nationally and internationally on a variety of neuroscience topics and has received praise for her ability to break down complex neurological processes for ease of translation into clinical practice. Filissa shares her expertise and passion in this course as she provides a thorough review of neuroscience nursing content based on the CNRN exam content outline and prepares participants to pass the CNRN Exam.

Course curriculum

    1. Certification Review E-Course Learning Outcome, Completion Criteria, Disclosures, and Accreditation

    2. Course Content Outline

    3. Speaker Biographical Information and Objectives

    4. References

    1. Handout - Session 1

    2. Exam and Course Overview

    3. Test Taking Techniques

    4. Practice Questions: Test Taking Techniques

    1. Handout - Session 2

    2. Session 2: Anatomy and Assessment

    3. Practice Questions: Anatomy and Assessment

    1. Handout - Session 3, Part 1

    2. Session 3, Part 1: Neurological Disorders (62 Questions)

    3. Handout - Session 3, Part 2

    4. Session 3, Part 2: Neurological Disorders (62 Questions)

    5. Practice Questions: Neurological Disorders

    1. Handout - Session 4

    2. Session 4: Cerebrovascular (50 Questions)

    3. Practice Questions: Cerebrovascular

    1. Handout - Session 5, Part 1

    2. Session 5, Trauma Part 1: Head Trauma (30 Questions)

    3. Handout - Session 5, Part 2

    4. Session 5, Trauma Part 2: Spine Trauma (30 Questions)

    5. Practice Questions: Trauma

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